IKIKORU is made of birch, necklace and earrings.
Jewelery produced by a number of different designs and in different colors. Each piece of jewelry is made by hand from beginning to end, and each piece is unique.
Jewelry made of a furniture factory waste materials in Lahti.
Jewelery design / manufacturing is Muoto2 / Kirsi and Mikko.

IKIKORU - Jewelry made of wood. Earrings and necklaces.

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IKI-Koru Iceberg Coral

Product no.: 1576

IKI-Koru Iceberg Coral Pendant

29.00 *

IKI-Koru Iceberg Mint Green

Product no.: 1579

IKI-Koru Iceberg Mint Green Pendant

29.00 *

IKI-Koru Iceberg Black

Product no.: 1577

IKI-Koru Iceberg Black Pendant

29.00 *

IKI-Koru Drop Black

Product no.: 1581

IKI-Koru Drop Black Pendant

29.00 *
Price incl. VAT24%