LILLAN Helsinki

LILLAN Helsinki

LILLAN Helsinki

Finnish design | jewelry

I prefer my products with simple, clean lines. Characterized by timeless, clear shapes and ingenious details. I do not like myself as a supporter of minimalist lines.

The main material I use is silver, which I combine with any other materials. I am mainly self-taught, but also attract a large number visited for jewelery and jewelery manufacture-related training sessions and courses. I set up my own business in 2009.

I am an artisan and craftsmanship stamp must be visible and it is supposed to be present in the product. Why it buries?

Sari Isosomppi
,Lillan Helsinki ,Silver jewellery



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Lillan Helsinki Pompom Stud Earrings Orange

Product no.: 1269

Lillan Helsinki Pompom Stud Earrings Glass & Silver Orange

28.00 *

Lillan Helsinki Pompom Ring Mint 3-balls

Product no.: 711

Lillan Helsinki Pompom Ring Glass&Silver Mint

3 Glass beads and silver ring. Adjustable.

The beads diameter of about 0,6-1 cm.

59.00 *
Price incl. VAT24%