Palmroth / Pertti Palmroth

Palmroth / Pertti Palmroth

Palmroth Original® produces classical stylish women's shoes. The products combine valued Palmroth -design, carefully selected materials, ease of use and Finnish workmanship.


Palmroth uses high quality materials which are best for all weather conditions. Special all-weather material and waterproof-suede are designed for the demanding, cold and slushy weather conditions to keep your feet dry and warm.

All-weather material is also light weight and easy to take care. Waterproof-suede is dirt and water resistant Italian leather, doesn't remain salt marks, looking good all the time.

Palmroth boots have special light and comfort sole for northern conditions with superior grip.

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Palmroth Original Little Bag

Product no.: 676

Palmroth Original Little Bag

Shiny synthetic material.

Height 19 cm, width 27 cm.

The metal shoulder strap.

149.00 *
Price incl. VAT24%