Samuji is a creative studio and design house based in Helsinki, Finland.

Our work focuses on design and consulting, and is based on the values we hold in everyday life: a love of necessary things, simple functionality, and kindness. Our ambition is to produce timeless and sustainable design that serves a purpose yet carries a story.

The first Samuji womenswear collection was launched in spring 201. All items are crafted out of quality materials from European and Japanese suppliers and produced in Europe by carefully selected manufacturers.

Our womenswear collection presents a complete wardrobe for women, bringing together two separate lines: Samuji Classic and Samuji Seasonal. Samuji Classic carries permanent, timeless clothes and accessories, while Samuji Seasonal is a more bohemian and colorful collection renewed seasonally.


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Samuji Kakadu Beach Towel

Product no.: 2177

Samuji Kakadu Beach Towel

Linen beach towel
Kakadu print designer Erja Hirvi
Size: 70x170cm
Material: 100% linen

200.00 *

Samuji Alecto Sweater Light Blue S

Product no.: 1869

Samuji Alecto Sweater Light Blue

160.00 *

Samuji Finnea Dress Fontana 44

Product no.: 1688

Samuji Finnea Dress Fontana

Fabric belt, side pockets and buttons at the back

Theme Fontana, multi color

Material 100% viscose


320.00 *

Samuji Maeve Sweater Mokka XS

Product no.: 1695

Samuji Maeve Sweater Mokka

290.00 *

Samuji Leiko Trousers SS16 Size 38

Product no.: 2258

Samuji Leiko Trousers SS16 Size 38

450.00 *

Samuji Mura Shirt Simpukka M L

Product no.: 2259

Samuji Mura Shirt Simpukka Silk

280.00 *
Price incl. VAT24%