Camilla Mikama is the designer and creator of the Vestiarium collection, previously known as her namesake collection Camilla Mikama, which she launched in 2009, soon after graduating from the distinguished Lahti Institute of Design. She has also done various freelance projects during that time.

Her design process usually begins with a shape, surface or a technique rather than a trend or a phenomenon, which makes the designs timeless. She could easily wear a dress every day, and therefore strives to offer enough of them to cater for each and every one of You!

Vestiarium -Camilla Mikama

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Vestiarium Helsinki Merino Wool Dress Black

Product no.: 2195

Vestiarium Helsinki Merino Wool Dress

This black merino wool dress is easy to wear in any occasion, soft and comfortable, made in Finland.

279.00 *

Vestiarium Bergen Linen Sweater

Product no.: 2193

Vestiarium Bergen Linen Sweater

This Linen Sweater smoothly wraps your body, every day and every where.

159.00 *

Camilla Mikama Leather T-Shirt XS

Product no.: 288

Camilla Mikama Leather T-Shirt

425.00 *

Camilla Mikama Minimalist Dress

Product no.: 954

Camilla Mikama Minimalist Dress

249.00 *

Camilla Mikama Leather Dress XS S

Product no.: 956

Camilla Mikama Leather Dress

449.00 *

Camilla Mikama Ribera Dress Black

Product no.: 808

Camilla Mikama Ribera Dress Black

159.00 *

Camilla Mikama Jacket XS M

Product no.: 394

Camilla Mikama Jacket

Checkerboard pattern jacket

Material: 69% CO, 31% PL

Lining: 100% CO

79.00 *
MSRP 292.00 €
You save 73 %

Camilla Mikama Silk Shirt S

Product no.: 1281

Camilla Mikama Silk Shirt

199.00 *

Vestiarium Oslo College Dress

Product no.: 1879

Vestiarium Oslo College Dress

219.00 *
Price incl. VAT24%