Welcome to the OMB! Here you will find Finnish slow fashion. Finnish Designers Boutique Onemanband OMB offers unique views of Finnish fashion. All the women's clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories are made sustainable and ethical  in Finland or within the European area.

OMB's boutique in Tampere. RIIMINKA & Aleksiina Design -boutiques in Fiskars and Jyväskylä. In the boutiques we have a greater range of products than in our worldwide shipping OMB-webstore. So ask if you do not find what you need. Finnish design brands Katri Niskanen, Palmroth, Riiminka, Aleksiina Design, Vestiarium, Anna Ruohonen and many others Finnish womens clothing, shoe, dress and jewelry designers. Have a nice shopping! Onemanband OMB.

Aleksiina Bubbles Big Rainbow Earrings

Product no.: 2174

30.00 *

Aleksiina Culottes Pants linen black

Product no.: 2266

124.00 *

Aleksiina Leaf Pendant Wood

Product no.: 008

19.00 *

Laine 9 Magazine 2019

Product no.: 2261

from 25.00 *

Riiminka Big Tarina bag petrol

Product no.: 2255

89.00 *

Riiminka Merinowool wristlets

Product no.: 2270

32.00 *

Riiminka Dress Dress Linen BLACK

Product no.: 2243[3]

119.00 *

Riiminka Sirkku Dress Linen RED

Product no.: 2236[2]

119.00 *

Riiminka Tarina Backpack terracotta

Product no.: 2245[3]

129.00 *

Riiminka Velour Backpack ochre

Product no.: 2256[1]

89.00 *

Palmroth pumps platinum rose 85070-p25

Product no.: 2247

175.00 *
Price incl. VAT24%