Welcome to the OMB! Here you will find Finnish fashion. Finnish Designers Boutique Onemanband OMB represent about 70 Finnish designers. We offer unique views of Finnish fashion. All the clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories are made in Finland, or at least within the European area.

OMB's boutiques in Tampere and Turku have a greater range of products than the westore. So ask if you do not find what you need. Brands Samuji, Minna Parikka, Katri Niskanen, R/H, Vestiarium, Anna Ruohonen, Yo Zen, Haldin and many others. Free delivery EU area. Have a nice shopping! Onemanband OMB. LIKE Us in Facebook!

Haldin The Pink Cardigan
Aleksiina Sailor Dress S M L
Samuji Anila Dress
350.00 € *
180.00 € *
Haldin Slip Over Dress
170.00 € *
UDM Necklace Mandala
36.00 € *
UDM Earrings Maria
25.00 € *
Yo Zen Dress White
79.00 € *
Prices including VAT and delivery.