Hermanni Vuorisalo

Hermanni Vuorisalo

Hermanni Vuorisalo

Hermanni Vuorisalo - SÖÖR and DAAM. Wooden bowties and jewelry

Hello Friend,

 My name is Hermanni Vuorisalo and I am a Finnish designer. Even after graduation, I dreamed of my own product catalog that I could represent my values. The absence of a clear idea and working life led me to explore design from different areas, such as the design of intangible values.

I ended up working as an entrepreneur who offers design services for businesses. However, I have my own strengths as a craftsman, a builder and designer of physical objects.

Years later, in the summer of 2016, the idea about the bowties was born in my 30 years birthday. In honor of the celebration, I designed my own product. The idea of product breeding came out of hand at an early stage. I wanted to include in my design my values of naturalness, craftsmanship and Finnishness. The inspiration for the product was, among other things, friends and family. There was little luck and the real people needed to succeed in making my production possible in Finland.

Eventually, the principles of rotating economics made me get my product even further. And so made the jewels.

After a long and devoted product development, the Bowties and the Earrings became extremely high quality, unique and good ethical products.

Now I want to bring you the same feeling of uniqueness and domestic products that you can proudly carry. Which values can be recognized by hand with the heart.

Thanks to everyone who has been helping me through the various steps of the process and supported me on the path I chose as a Bowtiemaker. I have dedicated my products to my family and my friends.

Special thanks to Markku Finnish Association for letting me to use the Söör name.

Thank You,
Hermanni Vuorisalo